Businesses have turned to video marketing to promote their brands. With the ever-increasing popularity of websites like YouTube, video marketing has also become a very popular tactic.

There are so many YouTube viewers and users every day that businesses couldn’t feel anything but very optimistic their advertisements and promotions will be watched, shared and subscribed to.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds; research indicates that brands are investing so much in video marketing but are only reaching few followers. It seems that they are investing big in producing videos but sadly lack in the content department.

Those who have succeeded in video marketing show that they have made more videos with varied subjects. It is not only about garnering more views, but getting people to be interested and engaged in what you produce.

Using social issues in video marketing would not only be interesting and engaging but will also be helpful to the targeted audience. The video will not only showcase the brand but will also show life-like storylines that viewers can understand and relate to. Viewer response, whether positive or negative, will make each video you produce and invest in efficiency.

And let’s not forget: competition breeds innovation. It might lead to better quality innovation coming out of YouTube. They’ve been pretty stale for a half decade, and now these disruptors will push them.

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