We live in a world where people live and breathe the Internet through smartphones and handheld devices. Most companies are very much dependent on it. It is because people from all over the world have access to almost everything virtual.

This is why many brands use the Internet as a tool to bridge a gap between their products and services to reach out a certain audience. Many will tap into marketing strategies that are useful for capturing traffic to their website. There is no better way to do this but through social media platforms where many people have access to.

However, those who have fallen into the dark side of this has been  Social Media Marketing labeled as black hat SEO. These are people or companies who find other alternatives to gain such means.

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Fake Accounts

Some people create new aliases through the use of fake accounts. These false accounts can be used to add more followers, increase the number of likes and shares and much more. All of these factors create statistics. It shapes the social influence that one has. For example, if brand X is fast gaining popularity, it must mean that it is in. Since I’m a fashion-forward person, I need to follow brand X for all the latest updates. The goal might be there, but the process of reaching that goal is very much frowned upon. The downside to this is that there is a false sense of authority established by brand X.

Fake positive and negative reviews

Some people write fake positive reviews to enhance a company’s image and get the attention of potential customers. The more positive reviews, the better, right? The downside to this is that the tables can turn and negative reviews can be written about competitors. It’s in our nature to remember the negative part and its association to a brand. Bad reviews have a tendency of sticking around longer than usual.

People are more likely to remember the bad than the good.

Discovery leads to misery

The truth is Google despises black hat SEO strategy and will immediately hunt and punish those who are seeking to do harm than good. This is why Google is able to gain quality search results to its users each and every time. This is why delivering fresh, high quality and unique content is the best way to do things. It doesn’t harm anyone in the business and does wonder for your company.


It’s really up to you whether social media marketing can be labeled as black hat SEO. There are a lot of factors that need to be looked upon. Which side are you on?

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